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I need to replace the timing belt urgently for a recently bought  Toyota Estima  Aeros  MCR30 6 CYL 104000KM

and the 2  permanent spark plugs  at the back of the IMZ-FE motor.

Does this motor have to be removed from vehicle some say yes others say no?

Does this vehicle have a non interference motor?

Another urgent  job is to replace the Rear Cross  member bushes and both front lower control arms.

A mechanic  friend of mine who has a hoist showed me how bad those rubber bushes are shredded and advised me to contact the Roads And MARITIME Services

because he could not believe how a pink slip could be issued  for such a great Safety concern.

Besides the enormous cost they charge here in Sydney Australia I have to get it done.

. Can someone  recommend a mechanic  who can do the timing belt and rear cross member bushes  with out been ripped off?

 I have created a cardinal sin by not getting a report before buying this vehicle which looks brand new both inside and outside with immaculate  paint work only  to find all these problems and more.

I have contacted the previous owner but he refuses to reply and address my concerns.

Should I complain to the Roads And MARITIME Services about the Pinkslip and try and get my money back and buy a different Estima or should I just admit it was my mistake and get on with it?.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Clarence







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