Questions about touch up paint for small chips

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I've got a small chip on the edge of each of my front doors. No signs of rust. I bought a small bottle of touch up paint from the Toyota dealer. I was told to just clean the spots with a wet cloth and then to dry them before applying the paint. Are their good videos on how best to apply the paint? I have a small bottle. I don't know if it has a brush applicator in the bottle.

It says it takes 24 hours to dry. Does that mean I can't drive my car for that long?

I've attached a photo of the paint bottle




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I've used touch up paint with good effect. Use paint thinner about 1 part thinner to two parts paint, I use a very fine paint brush from a kid's paint set. Duco paint & thinners dries almost immediately so you don't need to wait before you drive.


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