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Hi all, purchased 3 new Hardie Spicer uni,s ( RUJ 2016 )for my little Hilux workmate 2001 RZN147r , anyway removed the rear tailshaft, removed the circlips on the rear uni and do you think I could get the old uni to budge out of the rear flange, any tips would be much appreciated as I am thinking of taking the shaft and new uni,s to someone with a press to change them out for me.

The ones in it now have no grease nipples so I,m thinking maybe they might be the originals.

If someone has changed out theirs I"d love to hear how you went about it and if you experienced the same ,

   Cheers CONROD

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Yo Conrod,

Sometimes a bit of heat is needed - have a hunt on the tube there are plenty of techniques. - this is one eg -

Definitely should be a zerc fitting in your uni joints though - some are in the end of the cross & some are in the middle depending on the exact version

rgds G,

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Yeah, called into local mechanic this morning $110 p/h to remove & replace $200

Was thinking of applying small amount of heat

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Ah bummer -

You win some you lose some..   that’s a bit rich for 10 mins worth of press time!

Haven't tried it but I'm told on the track you can also use the standard Toyota jack under a heavy point on the car with the right size sockets etc - might be a help for someone else.


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That's exactly what I thought , changed many Ford and Holden over the years and never have I dealt with uni,s so tight in the flange, Told him I will remove and separate the two shafts and mark them so they go back together in the same spot, he said no worries but it will be the same price. 

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