Best Value Quality Ignition Coils for Aurion

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My 2006 Aurion has now clocked 204,750kms after a recent 5,000km interstate road trip. Previously decided to replace the spark plugs with Denso long life plugs FK20HR11 and later  to also change the ignition coils, engine performance/acceleration a bit hesitant and not as good as previous year.

Denso ignition coils from 2 eBay sellers in China on my watchlist were out of stock so ended up with the following ignition coils from a USA seller for approx AUD$135 less Flybuys eBay voucher.

Lifetime warranty and claimed 15% performance increase over OEM got the sale in preference to this other eBay listing from another USA seller

I have only done a few drives for approx. 50kms but I am noticing a difference in engine performance. Certainly hoping for and expecting an increase in fuel economy.

Interested to hear from other owners who have recently replaced the ignition coils and their recommendations.

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I recently replaced all 6 of my spark plugs with FK20HR11s as well. Car feels like towing a train in the first second or so of initial acceleration. Hasn't made much difference so wondering about the ignition coils. Done 126,000 kms

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eBay seller in their listing was recommending replacing all ignition coils after 10 years or 100,000 miles [160,000 kms].

Recent internet searches for best quality ignition coils are indicating that badly worn spark plugs can shorten the lifespan of the ignition coil. It makes sense to also replace the spark plugs at the same time. After plenty of searching on various Denso webpages, I finally able to determine that the lifespan/recommended replacement interval  of the Iridium TT plug is 100,000-120,000kms. This contrasts with the Iridium Power IK16 plugs with a lifespan of 15-20,000 kms. So now considering buying the IKH20TT plugs for my other Aurion which has done 109,000kms unless I can find the 12 FK20HR11 plugs that have been stored and misplaced.

Best price for NGK ignition coils to fit the Aurion that I could locate yesterday was $100 plus postage; not tempting to me.

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