99 Hilux extra cab replacing drivers side window

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Hi there, had my driver's side window smashed and now in the process of replacing it. I've watched a few youtube tutorial videos but my hilux has the window raiser track as a part of the window. Has anyone replaced one of these? Are there any tricks, pointers, or leads to other information you kind people can impart?



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Welcome Brendan,

Patience dude -

  1. work around the door panel & remove the plastic clips holding it to the door
  2. unscrew armrest & opener - (should be a Phillips screw visible when you lift the opener) & screws under the armrest
  3. GENTLY remove the plastic weather cover now visible over the door - the black goo will separate with patience & you want it there for later so don’t chuck it in the sand.
  4. Now access the regulator to remove the window track (bottom) - clean out the old glass etc.


New window usually goes in tilted to 45° or more with the front down - then twist the window gently into the track at front & rear.

Lower it into the bottom track or if it came with the track attached then you might need to remove the regulator to get it to line up in the track


This is not exactly the same as yours but its pretty good =

& you might want this trick to remove the winder handle if you haven't done that =


& try the our friend bleepin Jeep guy because he does a good job too = he also can be quite inventive with alternate ideas which might help


While you are in there I would also grease mechanicals or silicone spray the rubber track to help make it all noice when you have it back together

pictures here if you need them =


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