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Hey guys

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with dealing with Toyota for a post warranty claim?

My Rav4 2013 had a fuel injector die in April and Toyota called this a ‘rare anomaly’.  It cost me $1200 to fix. Now, 7 months later, another injector has broken down! According to my research, injectors are supposed to last a lot longer than 80,000kms (at least 200,000), so I took this up with the Toyota dealership. They took a week to get back to me and dismissed it as an out of warranty issue. Frustrated, I took my complaint higher (through their “Guest Experience” centre) and they are currently re-investigating the case...Though no promises of a positive outcome.  

Three weeks with no car later (and very little communication from Toyota!) is really starting to affect my opinion of the company. I’ve always raved about Toyota to my friends. In fact, I’ve had 4 Toyotas in a row, all through a Toyota dealership.. and I’ve always serviced through Toyota. I feel an onus is on them to financially come to the party, and acknowledge their product is not up to scratch. I would not be complaining if I didn’t feel this was unfair .

Fingers crossed they’ll do the right thing. Otherwise I’ll not be buying another Toyota again. 


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Just wanted to follow up on this post  by saying Toyota has graciously agreed to replace all the fuel injectors. So impressed with the support they have extended to me. Thankyou Toyota!

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Great news Damian, I am sure it is a dealership thing..some will go above and beyond for good customers and some tend to use the old "out of warranty not our problem line"..

I am glad you stood your ground and got the outcome that they should have sorted out in the first place..

I too have always waved Toyota's flag and will continue too do so

Keep Well


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