Fitting a pre fuel filter

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Hi was just wondering if any body knows how to fit a new pre fuel filter to a 2018 rugged X as the factory filter has 2 pipes coming in and 2 out and all the videos i`ve watched online all

only have 1 in and 1 out any help would be gratefully appreciated, need to know which pipe i put through the new filter.


Regards stuart


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Yeah that's all good mate, as you will be using the original in conjunction with a pre filter set up, you will only be removing the INLET Hose off the OEM filter, Hose at the top with Green/ Blue trace marking that then goes to the INLET on the pre filter,( so the fuel goes to pre filter first) then the OUTLET HOSE on the pre filter goes back to the INLET on the OEM.( where you just removed the hose from )

All other hoses stay as is , Cheers mate

One tip; Be CLEAN, NEAT and don't take short cuts with sealing matters

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