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Lift Kit for a 2011 SR dual cab.


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I don't know if this is a normal sort of thing but is it possible (or advisable) to fit a lift kit to my 2011 Hilux SR  2WD.

I’m going back over to WA next year and planning on some dirt travel from the Eyre Highway at Cocklebiddy, up to the trans railway line and then to follow the trans access road i  to Kalgoorlie.

i know that the trans access road is okay for the ute, having done some of it three times last year but rge track between Haig diwn to the Eyre Highway at Cocklebiddy is somewhat unknown at this stage, even though some have told me that it's okay if it's taken carefully.

 I just wonder if a lift kit would give me a maybe necessary greater ground clearance.



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I wouldn't waste the money on a lift kit even if you can get one- you don’t need 4wd for that drive as long as it is dry!!!  - if its wet even most 4wd's wont be moving.

The problem you will have is the limestone rocks embedded in the surface which will smash your tyres, steering & suspension with any speed.


You can't turn a 2wd into a 4wd just by lifting it - the chassis, suspension & running gear are all designed for the task on a 4x4. If what you really need is a 4x4 then I would consider changing it over.

Having said that the best thing you could do is get a second set of wheels & put a decent set of tyres on them for the trip - a little taller for clearance but be careful of changing the gearing which will be detrimental.

Be careful of overloading your Lux - many of that model have been snapped in half with too much weight on rough roads - they are tough but not indestructible.


It’s a slow track so allow plenty of time & if it rains you will need to be able to wait until its dry enough to move again.  This link will be helpful even if it’s a few years ago - https://www.exploroz.com/Members/92954.8/7/2009/Connie_Sue_Highway_-_south_to_Rawlinna_via_Premier_Downs__and_on_to_Cocklebiddy_.aspx

Having done all the trip you are looking at I would suggest allow up to 3 days for the southern section of the Connie Sue (Rawlinna - Cocklebiddy). If its been recently graded then it’s a few hours but some friends did that drive a couple of months ago in a Troopy & they took 3 days - IE: not graded lately..


The road from Rawlinna to Kalgoorlie is cruise control = 80-100k,- well maintained.


Check road conditions before travel - https://www.laverton.wa.gov.au/services/roads/road-condition-reports.aspx


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Thanks Gary, that gives me a bit more insight. I don't have a problem in driving as slow as necessary if road conditions require that. As someone else has said the same thing to me as well and if I have to get down to crawl speed then I will happily get down to crawl speed.

 I did three trips last year between Kalgoorlie and Karonie (117 k’s each way) and apart from a rougher stretch on the last 30 k’s to Karonie, it WAS a fairly easy 60 to 80 kph road. Ive never been any further east than Karonie and when I got asked if I'd like to join one or two other Hi-lux’s (4WD’s) on this trip, up from near Cocklebiddy to Haig and then along the trans road to Kalgoorlie next March, I virtually jumped at it,....explaining at the same time that I only had a standard 2WD Luxy, to which I've been assured that taking it slow where necessary will avoid any dramas.

The photo is my hilux on the trans access road, about 80k’s out fom Kalgoorlie in 2017

 At least a convoy of three is better than a lone treck of one and I don't think I would do it on my own anyway.

I do have truck tyres on the ute, the same tyres as my Kal to Karonie trips last year and I have two spare wheels as well so I would hope that they would be adequate. Fortunately too, is the advantage of having Telstra towers right along the transline, as well as at Cocklebiddy, should mobile phone contact be needed.

  Weight will be down to a minimum. Couple of blankets. Spare wheels, tools, other spare stuff, waeco frudge/freezer and cooking stuff, should cover it......I'll come back to Adelaide then on the bitumen. 😄




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Sounds good - the other Lux guys will probably tell you this too but make sure you drop tyres pressures a bit to have a bit of give

like this =

different brand / ply tyres behave differently so a bit of experimentation might be in order for your specific set up.

Patience & no rain - i expect you should have a great trip



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