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Hi All,


Just purchased a Toyota Camry 2010 Touring SE 2.4L (non-hybrid). Any recommendations on a replacement headunit/stereo? Looking for something with Android or Apple car play preferably.

Had a look on ebay and there are plenty there, so any recommendations to help narrow down would be good. Car has factory reverse camera and steering controls.


thank you

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Hi Maz and welcome to the forum, What your asking for can be answered as... A: What you prefer the unit to have and do for you..B: What you can afford too pay..

There are a Lot of threads regarding head units many on here have gone for so I would suggest a read on what has been reported on here..myself we have an Aurion Presara and I wanted a good reliable fully functional unit so paid a good price for a good quality unit and professional installation..also I would suggest a drop into a Good Audio store and see what they have available as at least then if you go with them and have issues you can go back..E-Bay is awesome for deal's but there can be downsides..

Hope you get some info and get a good unit your happy with


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Plenty on eBay to choose just pick something that has the most updated Android OS.




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