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Kluger Grande - Alarm intermittantly goes off ?

Peninsula Kluger Owner

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Hi, just joined this forum. hoping the wealth of forum knowledge can help me with an intermittant

problem with my 2009 Kluger Grande. this issue has only just started.


The Alarm (sometimes) intermittantly goes off after 20 minutes or even 40 minutes after locking. all doors, hatch glass hatch lid etc are closed.

has me confused. i was thinking a faulty door/hatch/lid switch but it does not show open on dash LCD unit?

any one had this happen ?

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On 12/19/2018 at 8:58 PM, Peninsula Kluger Owner said:

any one had this happen ?

Quite some time ago, I had the alarm go off on my Aurion a number of minutes after locking the doors but not a delay of 20 or even 40 minutes.

I cannot remember the sequence of events but I ended up sitting in the car with the window down just in case the doors locked or could not open. I am sure that I used both the remote control to lock and unlock the doors then also used the central door locking switch on the driver's door.

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Worth checking the bonnet switch, had a Sonata who started doing this randomly during hot days and fixed it after spraying some contact cleaner on the switch and adding an extra washer at each end to get it to sit a tad higher. 

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