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Hi there, I just purchased a 2015 Kluger GXL. Today I found that it front left fog light fallen off. After a quick investigation, I found it had been damaged before and glued back to the bumper. It is from a dealer, however, as a secondhand car I don’t think I can claim a repair from them , can I? If I am going to fix it by myself, what is the proper name for the holding bracket of the fog lamp, does anyone know? Thank you very much.


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Hi Haibin and welcome to the forum.

I would certainly approach the car yard you purchased the car from..they can only say no....sorry not our problem..which they probably will say being a 2nd hand car dealer

but it is worth a try..let us know the outcome.....others on here may have the answer to the bracket/fitting required to fix the light in place..

Good Luck


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You will never know if you don't go. Put it to the dealership and see what you get ! Never be embarrassed to ask for what you believe is the right thing.

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