2001 Hilux 4WD issue?

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G'day all,

I have a '01 Hilux with 1KZ-TE. Owned it for a few years now, It has always been fun vehicle to drive. Just about to go anywhere with it. Everything is spot on however the 4WD system has always been bothering me with the mind of its own it always tend to work whenever it feels like it in which it's extremely rare 😕😕. So i went over the entire system and checked everything, electrical wise is spot on with all the VSV and the 4WD computer in good working order and providing strong vacuum and i found the issue..it was in the actuator motor, corrosion were formed due to low usage from the last owner so everything is taken out, cleaned and greased but for whatever reason i still couldn't get it to operate properly!?!? When i click the 4WD button i could hear the module clicks but there's just nothing happening? Anyone that have previous experience with these electronic/4WD system before?


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Try these -  maybe some pointers for you





Not really a fan of these push button style engagement units for the exact reason you have found - that good old fashioned gearstick has good feedback…

There is another thread on this somewhere -if I can remember where ill post it for you



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