2016 Camry Instrument Panel dies and park brake light comes on

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Have a 2016 Camry Atara S with 6 months warranty left.

Washed the car a couple weeks ago. On the way home, twice while braking lightly, the following occurs:

1. Beeping, as though a door is open or seatbelt is off.
2. Park brake light comes on instrument panel
3. Entire rest of instrument panel goes black. No backlights, no indicators except park brake
4. Something thumps the wheels. Feels kind of like ABS kicking in, but could be a gearbox hard shift (as though you dropped into drive while still reversing slightly)

It happened again the next day.

I gave it to Toyota to look at, they can't find anything actually wrong, suggest water got into some electronics in engine bay. Clean it out, give it back.

Week later, same deal on a one off. As I'm slowing down it does all the same. This time it stays black even through turning the car off and on again. Wasn't until I tapped the brake after turning it on that it cleared the indicator and the dash came back.

Took it back in, they still can't find anything wrong. They pull the ECU to reset it, and clean a bunch of connections.

So now, two questions:

What are my rights here? They've told me if it happens again, their next step is likely replace the instrument cluster, which seems completely silly given that feels like more of a symptom. The fact that brakes are thumping feels like the traction control or ABS being screwy. They've had the car twice and can't solve it, and it's arguably making the car unsafe and unfit to drive.

Any thoughts on cause or similar situations on here?

NB: I'm not being charged for (and wouldn't even consider paying for) said "repairs".

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sounds like a dodgy ground connection somewhere. its gonna be a PITA to find

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