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hey guys, from across the ditch, im in need of help.

ive got a badged as daihatsu delta, (townace) with  a 7k in it . carbed, what i need is some info. i need a new manifold as its leaking,

but proving very hard to get one - will a 4-5 k one fit with no issues and line up with the exaust ,

or can someone help me find one over the ditch there ? give me details so i can call them and get it shipped?

its a 98 model , heres a link for info

Year: 1997 (1997-01)
Colour: WHITE
Submodel: DX VAN
Body Style: Light Van (GK-KR42V)
VIN: 7A847070800002978
Plate: FQW735
Engine No: UNK (7K-E)
Chassis: KR42-0002978
Vehicle Type: Goods Van/Truck/Utility
Seats: 3
CC rating: 1,781cc
Fuel Type: Petrol
Assembly Type: Imported Built-Up
Country of Origin: Japan
Gross Vehicle Mass: 2,080kg
Axles: 2
Vehicle Equipment Class: NA
Industry Class: PRIVATE
Industry Model Code: GA-KR42J
Drive: 2WD


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