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Hi I just got back my car from auto transmission shop. 

I got suffered from shudder when 60km/hr, around 1500rpm and light throttle. First I tried auto transmission oil flush but still same. 

So I decide to bring my car to shop and get a qoute with diagnosis. They checked and confirmed torque converter problem. 

Let they work during 4 days for torque convertere reconditioning and I paid $1300 for it. But the problem is I checked that symptom when I came back home. First 20min I couldn’t speed up due to traffic. After then, I tried test and realized that it isn’t repaired and they did wrong diagnosis. 

In this case, I want to refund money for they did wrong diagnosis what can I do



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Hi Eugene, I would suggest first contact the transmission shop and tell them what you have found, and see if they will help you by redoing their work..

If they refuse to do anything too help you or want more money too redo the work you can complain to the consumer ombudsmen or get a lawyer and go through the courts.... as you do have rights!..however I would give the transmission shop the opportunity to fix what they have done first ..before going the ombudsman route or the courts ..as that can take time.

Good Luck and keep us updated


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Do you know if they only looked at the transmission, or did they check the wheels & CVs as well?

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