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Corolla Eyelids


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HAHAHAHAAAHaaa.......Good one Pete now im gonna get in trouble by a mod!!!LOL

Actually make it quick because i am not goin to be at the place mentioned for very much longer!!! :lol: :P

Sunny - Why would you get in trouble with a MOD, what did you do?

Someone asked where to get eyelids from. I advised them to go & get them from where I got them from. I don't work for you or Benson.

No one seems to have a problem with promoting CES in Queensland so I don't think I have broken any rules.

I don't understand.

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hehehehehe all good grahame i was just being sacastic!!!LOL

Cool, I got a bit worried as I have noticed a bit of animosity towards igintion-x.

To everyone out there in Sydney, if you want parts for your Corolla or Echo then go to igintion-x. The people there are very helpful & friendly, unlike some other performance shops in Sydney who only want to know you if you own a WRX or Skyline. Ignition-x are should be supported for being brave enough to specialise in such a niche field.


Please note: I do not work for Igntion-x, I am just a happy customer. :D :D

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Hi guys

I got some fiberglass eyelids from www.carmate.com

but im not sure if they have them for the facelift headlights yet.


A lot of members don't say nice things about Carmate. Among other things they are expensive. If you know where they are you should come to our monthly meets just down the road at the Bunnings Superstore.

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I used carmate about year ago and havent used them since.

as for the meeting i am from canberra.

Although i will be coming to sydney this weekend to go to autosalon.

how's the turbo going

Took the words out of my mouth :D

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Is Ignition-X open on Saturday/Sunday (if so from when to when)?

Im looking for a TRD badge to stick on my grill... it looks so bare :(

How u goin mate? Just got a trd badge for my sportivo from ebay. about $12 all up including P&H have a look theres a few different styles.

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