Toyota Estima oil leak

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I’ve got a 2005 Toyota Estima L with an oil leak.     I live in a country town, and a local mechanic has quoted me $2300 to fix it.  The quote says it has a leak from the front and rear crank seal, might need new  rocker cover gaskets and timing seal.   He says the engine has to be removed to fix everything. Just wondering if this is a reasonable cost, as I know nothing about car repair costs.    Should I get a second quote? 

Many thanks in advance.

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Hey Tracy,

these cars are the worse to work on but are fantastic to drive.

i had to get my alternator replaced and the had to take the front end off just to get to it. that cost close to $1000 and the alternator was around $200 - $250

these cars where designed to have a 4cly engine installed, and of course the japanese figured out a way to slap a 6cyl engine into it. not that im a mechanic but i would say what the mechanic said is correct, the engine has to come out........ plus the front end 😞

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