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OEM Corolla parts, preferably WA

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I am looking at doing a few jobs on my wife's corolla soon(-ish) and would like to know if there's any chance I can buy OEM parts cheaper than main dealers. Anyone have any info, please share here.


I am looking at front wheel bearings, dampers all around, tailgate struts (wagon), possibly brakes (discs).


On another topic, I would like to add fog lights to the car. I have found all the wiring is there even though the car is a povo pack Ascent just need the lights themselves and perhaps the dash switch. I have looked around but can't find anywhere the part numbers, anyone know where I can find these (parts or numbers)? Car is a 2005 auto model. Looks like this:



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Don't know how old you are but some Toyota dealers give 10% discount to seniors. If not in that age bracket you might know someone who is. Just a thought, might help.

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