Need help with Fog Lights Installation

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Hi everyone 

Hoping someone can help me out here . Trying to install fog lights on Yaris 2007 Hatchback that I got from ebay . They are marked as TY170A or something like that . Everything is included pretty much switch,relay wiring etc... Would really appreciate if someone can guide me how to properly install this . My Yaris is not pre-wired for fog lights . I have some basic knowledge where to to connect wiring but here it seems that there is more plugs to be plugged somewhere and I'm not sure . Any help would be really appreciated .  


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Hi there jeffy thanks for that . It definitely helps a lot . Unfortunately I'm missing part where you use red wire that comes from fog lights itself that suppose to go on battery . If you look closely on my picture there there is a white plug that  connects them and then it goes all the way to relay on the left . Very confusing to be honest .

Normally you should have red wire close one to the fog lights that will go to battery and black wire to ground it somewhere close . Then switch that is inside car should also have it's own red wire and ground black one to power switch when needed . This more likely looks to me like that I need to plug some of this plugs somewhere to get everything working instead of manually wiring . Something like OEM maybe . Ahh well will keep researching .


Thanks jeffy....😀

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This is a separate wired unit. It allows you to independently run the foglights without having to use the parkers. 



If you wanna use OEM wiring, iirc you would need the wiring harness that comes from a Yaris that has footlights installed.

I remember sending out a wiring plug to another member about 6 years ago, as he tried to use the oem stalk for his foglight switch.


EDIT: pics added




This is what yours would look like if you open up your stalk. Its Tedious to go OEM, which is why i opted for the independent wiring.


But if you have enough patience its also doable, Members ride with OEM wired foggies:


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Thanks mate . I think I will run all new wiring and set up a switch inside for fog lights . Probably will have to get all new wiring harness to fit this one . Thanks again .


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