Avalon electrical issues

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Hi there, 

I recently purchased a 2002 Toyota Avalon to use as part of the 2019 ****box Rally.

Its a great car (body is a little rough), however the power windows, central locking and clock all don't work. The previous owner claims they all stopped working at the same time. I did the obvious check (fuses) but wondering if anyone can point me the right direction of things to look for next?

Thanks in advance

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Relays, if any ? Physical connections ?

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I have the 2003 Avalon (Absolutely love it)...and just recently, my left side power window, while I could put it up or down from my drivers side control bank and could be put DOWN from the left side armrest control, it could not be put back UP again from the left hand passenger side armrest control. This turned out to be the armrest control itself needing to be replaced.

I don’t know if there is a common ‘live’ connection going to your drivers side control that might power all those things, including your central locking,..(don’t see a clock control coming from that feed though) but it might be worth a look.

 I would also be double RE-checking your fuses and relay boxes as well because for so many electrical components to go at exactly the same time, certainly sounds like just one central cause and that’s where the fuses and relays would definitely be first on my check list...... if it was anything else then surely just about everything else electrical would cut out as well.



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