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Avalon high beam now not working at all.

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I recently related the periodic problem with my Avalon high beam constantly cutting off and back on again. Ive checked every possible related connection and even replaced the headlight relay in the hope of sorting it out and while I initially thought that the new relay had ‘fixed’ my problem, it later turned out that this was not the case and not only did it go back to again my constantly losing my high beam, now does not turn the high beam on at all.

Unfortunately there seems to be virtually all but no-one in this forum who is able to advise me on cause possibilities and possibly how to fix the problem.  It has only ever been the high beam itself that has been affected,....low beam and every other light and piece of electrical bits and pieces are totally UNaffected, with all other lights working exactly as they should.   For this reason, I have come to the conclusion that the only logical cause now appears that it MUST be the headlight / dipper switch column assembly as the culprit. Nothing else comes to mind as making any sense.

      I’ve looked on youtube, hoping to find instructions on how to remove, check and refit / replace the Australian 2003 Avalon headlight/dipper switch but no actual instructions seem to be there. I've never done one of these before so does anyone know and can give me the basic instructions or do I regrettably need to go to an auto electrician, at around $135 an hour to test and do it all for me,...IF of course the dipper switch IS the cause of the problem.




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