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Avalon indicator stalk


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I’m going to try once more to see if I can get any help from this forum,  with occasional issues with my 2003 Avalon Vxi, because so far it would seem that almost nobody else seems to drive an Avalon.

 Can ANYONE at all throw some light on HOW do I remove the indicator assembly from the steering column and is it possibly a simple fix or do I need to replace the unit itself,...I’m okay with whichever option works best.

 My headlights now stay permanently on low beam, with the high beam refusing to come on or even give any indication that they’re even TRYING to come on. The high beam connection in the blinker unit itself is not even making ANY contact so as to feed power to the high beam.  The dash high beam indicator light doesn’t even come on now either.

Obviously I need to remove the blinker column unit itself so I need to know how to do that......and one final question, do any of the Camry models happen to use the very same blinker unit, so as to maybe simplify my finding a replacement part or do I need to get the exact same replacement.

Thanks on advance,


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