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P0328 Knock Sensor Error Code

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Time to share my latest experience and learnings. I have a standby replacement vehicle 2008 Aurion Prodigy sitting in the back yard.

Some weeks ago, It threw the P0328 error code and I suspected that a rodent could have been nesting in the valley of the engine. Posts on the US Toyota Nation forum indicates that this is an often occurence of the wires being eaten by rodents/pests. I did think that it might be a good idea to dismantle first before buying parts but did not do it. I was hoping that it was only the sensor gone bad so bought replacement [non-genuine] sensors before dismantling the engine.

Only way to get to the sensors on the Aurion engine is to remove the lower intake manifold. I also took extra care and attention using rags to block off intake ports so nothing dropped down into the piston combustion chambers. Also used grease on the end of the allen key when removing the bolts to save time finding a dropped bolt. Finally discovered that both wires on one sensor were broken off plus chewing and the wiring on the other knock sensor had also been chewed. Next step was to remove the wiring harness and check the part number tag, These knock sensor connectors are not easy to get off. Ended up using a screwdriver to push the locking tab into the removal/open position and another screwdriver to lever the connector off the sensor. Next setback was that the wiring harness part number tag was faded and illegible.

I found the Rock Auto website to be more user friendly than Amayama website catalog to locate the correct part numbers 82219-06010 and 82219-41010. Part ordered on the Amayama website and awaiting approval with delivery in about 2 weeks. The re-assembly fun can then begin. At this stage I am inclined to leave the original knock sensors and just replace the wiring harness.

Interesting the amount of oil residue in the manifold and on the stems of the fuel injectors. Another learning is that the metal gasket edges are knife like sharp so a bit of blood and some verbal blessings over the manifold has been added to the DIY experience. Not wearing gloves has benefits and also costs.

Biggest learning is that I should have taken more preventative actions to keep the rodents away.

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After weeks of procrastination, reassembly done yesterday morning and engine started, initially at 2000rpm. Running ok but idle was still a bit higher at 1000rpm which I put down to charging of an older battery which I have been reconditioning. Restarted the engine in the afternoon and later noticed a check engine light [CEL].

Error code P0505 had me thinking it was a vacum leak or the throttle body needed a thorough cleaning. After checking for vacum leaks, I replaced the battery and sprayed cleaner into the air intake. No CEL and idle is about 900rpm. Something to keep an eye on and further investigate if the idle does not settle down to a lower level.

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Last weekend error code P0505 reappeared after I revved the engine up to about 3000rpm. Not haapy, so all prpeared to dismantle and reassemble this weekend.

Early morning shower on Saturday had me rethinking plans. Ended up tightening up a few accessible bolts on the inlet manifold and the wire clamps near the throttle body and air box. Cleared the code then retested a few times on Saturday and Sunday by revving engine up to .2000 and 3000 rpm then back to idle. No more CEL.

Been a long time getting this project car sorted out so can now focus more upon preventative maintenance. Maybe another oil change.

Another re-learning to check and retighten then test again before charging straight in and disassembling. Saved a lot of time and effort.

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