Aurion slow to fire

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Hi all,

Go easy on me because I'm new here!

I've swapped to an Aurion after having a Falcon that was a total lemon. So far I'm loving it!

There's just one problem that has developed in the last month or so ... every now and then when I first start the car after it's been sitting for a while it struggles to start. It cranks fine, but just takes longer than normal to fire. Should I be concerned?

I've replaced the battery and there's no error codes or anything like that. The oil light flashes on and off for a second when it's doing this, but aside from that there's nothing unusual showing.

Could it be something to do with the fuel system?

OR (I know it's unlikely...) is there any chance it could be something to do with the 'smart' key? The car has been sitting for four hours and I went to start it just before with the spare key (which I doubt has ever been used). Thought I'd video the problem for you all, but it started fine first time.

Any ideas greatly appreciated as I'm really stumped here!


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My first thought is that the weather may have gotten colder in the last month. Just something to consider.

Assuming that your vehicle has done less than 100,000Kms, I would expect that the spark plugs and coil packs are fine. .

I use 91 unleaded petrol. I have also been putting fuel injector cleaner in the petrol tank but not recently. Probably better off using 95 octane or 98 octane petrol.

I refuel usually around the 1/2 full mark and well before the 1/4 full mark. Just reckon [or is that unfounded wishful thinking] that it helps the fuel pump and filter with the fuel delivery.

You also mentioned the oil light flashing on and off. I would be inclined to check the oil level and also consider whether an oil and filter cartridge change is due. Something to remember is that the 2GR-FE engine is more prone to oil sludging than some other modern engines. Use of quality engine oils and regular servicing is essential. Most of my driving is short distance urban so my engine is operating in prime time conditions for oil sludging. Consequently, I am doing oil and filter cartridge changes about every 2 months.

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