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1999 Toyota solara 3.0 1mz-fe starts then Dies

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Hey everyone I am in need of some help my solara 3.0 1mz-fe I replaced my Timing belt and I double checked the timing and I know I have the car in time right!!!! Well I started the car and it fired right up and ran for 5 sec then die. Well I know I have a check engine light on but I dont have no way of getting it scan. But what it's doing is everytime I reset the ecu it. Will start up for a min then die because it throws a code then it loses sparks... Then it will just turn over wont get no spark. I read where if a senior goes bad that the ecu tells the Initer not to let the car get spark! But I am still lost need help if anybody would know anything that could me please and thank you....

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Just happened to be recently reading up about the P0335 error code which relates to the crankshaft position sensor. Probably best to get a scan of the check engine light so you have a better idea of what the underlying cause is. In the meantime, no harm in checking the electrical connection to the crankshaft position sensor.




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