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Connecting spotlights to high beam on 2011 Hilux


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Does anyone happen to have or happen to know anything about the headlight wiring setup on a 2011 Hilux.  The usual method is to run a constant live lead to the relay, ...run another lead from the spotlights, back through the switch on the dash, with the other side of the switch, back to the ‘S’ side of the relay, with a wire from the ‘L’ side of the relay down to connect to the vehicle high beam wire..... meaning that when switched ‘on’, the spotlights will only come on when headlights are on high beam and even if the spotlights switch is left in the on position, the spotlights SHOULD still turn off when the vehicle headlights are switched off ( even if I was only on low beam and spotties off).......... for some reason, my Hilux will not do this.  If I turn off my headlights and the spotlight switch is still ‘on’,...my spotlights will instantly come back on,...which can be embarrassing and awkward when in a built up area or not out on the open road.

I have just fitted a pair of new 9” Kings spotlights, which came with it’s own complete wiring harness and relay, supposedly to simplify fitting and connecting the whole thing up and while the fitting itself was quite simple, it is doing exactly the same as the original set of spotties were doing, they are coming on at the wrong time, in this case coming on on low beam instead of high beam and coming on when the headlights are switched off.

There is obviously a different wiring loom setup in the Hilux that is different to other negative earth vehicles. For some strange reason, the high beam globe contacts at the back of the light have TWO red wires feeding it instead of what I thought would be just one wire.  I can’t help thinking that this type of loom setup may be a cause of my problem(s).?

How do others hook up spotlights to run just off the high beam and NOT still when the headlights are turned OFF.


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Yep I was....that was a different set of spotties back then but with much the same problem now with these newly purchased  ‘KING’ brand LED spotlights, which come with a complete wiring harness and plugs,.. much like a ‘plug and play’....supposedly to make the whole process a ‘walk in the park’. (Have a look at the 5 minute youtube on the wiring setup for fitting these lights to your 4WD) 

I’m aware of this problem but very much doubt that the wiring harness is a contributing cause, as the ‘problem’ itself is exactly the same as the last pair of lights almost two years ago. The lights and the relay in both cases are perfectly fine but it's the way that the hilux wiring is arranged that is the problem.  Everything would work as it should if the spotlights didn’t come back on as soon as the ignition is switched off with the spotlights switch still in the ‘on’ position........THAT was the problem two years ago and that is the SAME problem now........I just need to know how to counter or get around this hilux ‘gliche’?..so as the the spotlights WONT come on again as soon as I turn my vehicle ignition off,.......with the spotlight switch still in the ‘ON’ position.

It must surely have been the same problem to other Hilux owners because of the similar complaint comments that show up on the youtube ‘KING’ spotlight setup video.  Somebody must surely have worked out how to get around this one.

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No,No don't give up mate I not long ago hooked up a LED Light Bar to my 2001 work mate using the same wiring diagram I posted years ago,

If you cant track down the post with diagram I will have a squiz and let you know, once you see it and understand the principle of how positive becomes earth on high beam its really simple,

 Cheers mate

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I put a 30amp inline  blade fuse(waterproof ) in the power supply wire from the (battery to terminal 30 on the relay )and also a 10 amp inline fuse in the wire from the RED wire on the back of the headlight plug to terminal 86 on the relay.(this wire triggers the relay so if you are running a switch run it from the red wire on the back of the headlight plug to the switch and back to terminal 86 on the relay,and as you can see the relay earths out through RED/Yellow wire on back of headlight plug when lights are on high beam,

hope this helps you out mate, cheers CONROD

Terminal 30--------Battery pos

Terminal 86-------RED WIRE on back of Headlight-- via dash switch if you wish to turn off ( Protect with inline fuse as close to headlight as possible)

Terminal 85------RED/YELLOW wire on back of headlight

Terminal 87-----Driving Lights/Light bar Feed  Wire

If you put the lead of your test light on the POSITIVE terminal of your battery and probe the RED/YELLOW wire with your lights on low beam you will notice that it wont light up as it is live (able to confirm this by putting the lead of your test light on the negative terminal of your battery,then when you flick it to HIGH beam the RED/YELLOW wires become earth/negative. Test light will illuminate when lead of test light is put on Positive terminal and wires back probed

Here you go mate, Follow above as this is details you were supplied with Many Moons ago, all due care given BUT NO responsibility accepted if it goes pear shape as I,m not the one doing the work. AS I said I recently hooked up my little workmate 2001 as it shares the same positive switching,

Cheers mate have a good day, Conrod

Use the search Function mate, you made reference back then, also another member ( SPUTNIK ) hooked his up and provided details also in relation to wiring



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4 pin relay

 86 High beam  connect red wire yellow trace at back of headlight

30 + 12v  source battery fused

85 switch from the red wire on the back of the light through the switch back to terminal 85

87 spotties better to run wires from each light earth under the bonnet and get a relay with two 87 terminals just easier and neater

use 4mm wire

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My problem still remains the same. I have my spotties working okay,..I have them wired through a dash switch via the relay and down to the lights with the trigger live wire coming from the red high beam wire in back of one of my headlights,... which means that with the dash switch in the ‘on’ position my spotlights will come on when I hit high beam and will go off again when I hit low beam,...just as the law requires and just as every past negative earth vehicle has done for me in the past,...using the very same wiring and relay as I’m using on my 2011 Hilux now.

My problem is still that if I leave that spotlight switch in the ‘on’ position when I turn OFF my headlights, the spotlights will immediately turn on,..even if I’ve been on low beam before turning the headlight lights off. This has NEVER happened to me before in any other vehicle that I have ever owned and I’m 77 now.

Surely it’s GOT to be some sort of peculiarity in the Toyota Hilux wiring setup. 🤔


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Sounds like you have an earth issue only the spotlight will be earthed ,Not the relay 

Rember  toyotas are switched to earth  if you put a test light on to the wiring it will power up with any switch in the off position   

Use the wiring code i gave picking up power from the l/h headlight use a test light to confirm power souce works on both of my Hiluxs

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I see that this issue is still active? I have not seen any fixed answers, this is how I got my relay to trigger with the high beam only.

  1. Connect one side of the relay coil to permanent power.
  2. find the 'High beam' indicator wire in the instrument cluster loom (Red/Yellow).
  3. Splice into 'High Beam' indicator wire and connect it to the other side of the relay coil with a small (3 Amp) fuse.
  4. The relay will energise when the 'High Beams' are on as the indicator wire goes to ground when the High beams are on works fine on an 2005 Highlux
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Hi guys. On this problem of the driving lights.

I hadthe same problems both both a Rev and a Hilux.

In each case, I found the problEm was in the switch provided on the wiring loom.

They need power bro both an ON indication light, and an OFF indication light.

This seems to be why the stories stay on, drawing their power form the switch inidicator lights.

Swap out the switch, and wire appropriately.

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