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Hi all,

New to the Camry and this forum. I would have never thought of buying a Camry until this new model came out. They are a stunning car and have certainly gone away from the boring nanna / poppa car.

We bought the new 2019 SL Hybrid.....what a car!

I do only have 1 gripe about it.....the navigation system is absolute crap and the UI in my opinion is a -1/10. And the Toyota Link app, is just as bad.


Does anyone know if / when an update for it to have either apple maps, or google maps is coming?


This is all my opinion.

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I was told towards end of this year apple car play update would be available. How do you find the power in the SL?

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Ooooo....that sounds good.

Be due for its first service after that so hopefully it’s ready by then. 

The power. Hmmmm.....well it is the hybrid, not the V6. But honestly it’s pretty good. On the freeway on ramps, I can’t tell any difference between the hybrid and my V6 Commodore.

It may only have the little 2.4L, but the electric side of it certainly makes up for any lack of torque from the petrol engine. 

Around town, it’s more than fine. 

I live in the Adelaide Hills so the petrol engine does work more than if we were down in the city on the flat roads more but we still get 5.3 5.5L/100 up here.

Although I will say that I can get it as low as 4.8L/100 if it’s just me and my son going to Tailem Bend. 

But we did a trip to Pt Lincoln recently and with 5 of us and 2 dogs and a boot full for a week away, it still got 5.5L/100. Impressive none the less.

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the update is now available for 199$ for 2017 models and after.


android auto and apple carplay

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