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Hung Le

Rhys's Ae112 Csx

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Hey All,

I'd like to show you all my 2nd corolla ae112 csx that i've owned after my first one met its end with a power pole...
After having no car for 7 months due to loosing my license from the accident, I went on the search and started looking for something reliable, modern car features, economically friendly and i came across another ae112 csx corolla & couldn't resist
After looking at the car the following day, deposit was made
Details of car is as follows
1999 csx Toyota corolla
Only 2 previous owners, me being the 3rd
5 Speed Manual
Comes with all the standard features that the csx came with that includes (Disc brakes all round, power windows, ect) but it also came with a Sunroof!!
Modifications already done to the car from previous owner/ Myself
Custom CAI
2.25" exhaust from manifold back leading too blast pipes
Alpine Sound system (including tweeters, front speakers, rear speakers and 12" sub in boot)
Trd Seat covers (from my previous car...)
Jasma Short shifter
De badged rear end
Black Front grill
120 Narvara driving headlights
White LED Rear number plate lights
4% window tint
Rota grids 16x8+10
with 195/45/16 chinese tyres (will be replaced with ku31s)
Front has -1.5 camber
Rear has -2.5 camber
Coilovers 8kgs fronts, 6kgs Rear
22mm Whiteline rear swaybay
New bushes throughout the rear of the car
Whiteline F&R camber bolts
Bad points of the car
- Paint on the bonnet, roof, side mirrors and tail gate is pretty bad, but hopeing to rectify this once i recoup from some bills
- Car is quite a tad low for my liking so hopeing too raise it in the coming days and also get the guards rolled as well..
I'am quite happy with how the car is at the moment and don't plan on doing that much too it until i get my blacks, apart from tidying up the bad points of the car..
Future plans
- Ultra Racing strut brace
- Replace the bushes in the front end

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Fun project mate!

I'm onto my 3rd one.

Deinitely do front control arm bushes. You won't regret it. I did engine mounts too this time. 

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