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Poor accelleration esp when cold


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Hi everyone,
I've got a Hilux KZN165 2003. Its done 230,000km. Deisel

I've had a bit of trouble with this car, bought it not too long ago. Bummer

The current issue is its slow acceleration, it feels like there is no turbo, or maybe slower than no turbo. I've had the mechanic look at it and he reckons its the fuel injector pump which will land me with a $3,000 bill. I'm not 100% convinced that's actually the problem as I've looked up symptoms and I don't get all of them. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
I've just had the throttle body replaced, its not the muffler (I took it off for a while and it made no difference)
I don't know a lot about cars, mostly learned from everything that's gone wrong with mine 🙂
My previous hilux was written off, but it had the same motor and went MUCH better.

It starts fine, no smoke, idles OK. In the morning its really slow to take off and if its on an incline its hard not to stall as there is just not a lot of power to make it go.
I don't know if its slowly gotten worse or if my patience is running out.
When the engine is up to temp its a bit better.
Long hills kill it, when I'm in 5th gear going up a hill and change down to 4th nothing more happens, no more power is given.
It goes fine on flat and down hill, can get up to speed fine.
Hates towing a load up any sort of incline, sometimes having to change down to 2nd gear to get up a hill on a normal road that cars go 110km up
I've changed the fuel filter, oil, diff oil, gear box oil, trans oil
There is a faint airy whistle that my other hilux didn't have, but none of the mechanics seem to be worried about it
I don't think the fuel consumption is worse

Any pointers would be great, I don't want to fork out 3k if I don't need to. As I said before I don't know a lot about cars so if you could make any suggestions easy for me to understand that would be fantastic.

Thanks everyone,

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Had the same problem.  Spent $4000 on new pump, injectors, manifold clean etc.  Turned out to be the fuel line between fuel filter and injector pump had rubbed through on the bottom of the air filter.  Not enough to leak diesel.  Definitely enough to suck air.  Long story short, fixed and power restored with a $5 hose, BUGGER.  Hope this helps.

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