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5 year gap in service history

Chris H

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Hi I’m new to the forum and looking to buy an Aurion as our 2nd car but main car for family outings and weekend trips. 

Ive recently viewed a very tidy 2007 Presara which only has 63000km on the clock. The first owners travelled until 48000km then traded. 2nd owner now and I would be 3rd if purchased. 2nd owner is selling as he says wife won’t drive it, it’s too big. 

The biggest concern for me with this car is that from 2012 to 2017 there’s no service records. The distance travelled was 24000km. I wasn’t so much worried about the distance but if it was 5 years between oil changes, how much damage has this done. It has since had 2 services from 48k to 62k. I’ve  had it inspected by a mechanic and he says oil on dipstick looks fair as it’s just recently been serviced. There’s no smoke or rough engine sounds and the car drives well. My question is am I buying a time bomb that isn’t showing signs yet but soon will with that service gap or will it be fine as it’s already had a couple of oil changes and there’s no visible sludge signs looking into the top of where you fill the oil. I’ve just been recommended an oil flush and away I go if I choose to purchase.  There might be a possibility that services were done and not recorded but as there is no evidence I have to assume a 5 year gap. It did get traded back to a Toyota dealer that apparently did its 100 point check and serviced it before selling it to the 2nd owner. 

Any thoughts or previous experience in this would be greatly appreciated. My local mechanic thinks it will be fine as there doesn’t seem to be any signs of loss of compression when removing the oil cap and feeling for blow by but my friends mechanic thinks I would be crazy to buy as there’s no telling on what internal damage might be done with that missing history. 

What do you out there think?

thanks in advance, Chris. 

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The main things to be concerned about are the vehicle history for accident damage and oil sludge build up in the engine.

Both of my Aurions that I own, I bought with white smoke on start up due to oil sludge build up in the valve cover resulting in oil being sucked into the intake via the PCV valve.

I am very much inclined to agree with your local mechanic. If the price is right, then buy it. The combination of synthetic oil and weekend trips will soon get rid of any oil sludge,

Because I am DIY and most of my driving is short distance, I do an oil and filter change 3-5K kms. Only saying this as a recommendation to do regular oil and filter changes.

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Also worth checking for coolant leaks, pre-2009 models are known for dodgy water pumps. You may consider the coolant replacement, it's a 12 year old car and the coolant is good for 10 years or 165.000kms.

Oh and how is the dash looking, is it sticky & shiny?

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Thanks for your reply’s. 

The water pump has already been replaced recently by the 2nd owner and the pre purchase inspection revs check showed no accidents or written off. 

There was definitely no smoke on start up both when I drove it and when the mechanic did a pre purchase inspection. 

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