Bigger wheels on a 2011 Hilux SR

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Because of the restrictions and cost factor in fitting a lift kit above a 2” lift, to my 2011 SR,..with 15” wheels, I wonder if anyone can advise if it is viably possible to fit 17” wheels with perhaps bigger tyres, which theoretically could then give me an extra 2” or more of height /clearance.

My reason being that on a recent trip over to Kalgoorlie and then 535 k’s east, along the trans access road to Rawlinna, Haig and then on to Kybo Station, it became apparent that I was having to slow down to dodge around more and more rocks on the track itself, where a bit more ground clearance would have made the trip far less of a worry about hitting something a mini boulder.

 I want to go back again to Kybo but then cut down south, across country fir about 150 kilometres  to meet the Eyre Highway at Madura or Cocklebiddy.

Would I be causing myself any grief or problems by changing to 17” wheels and bigger tyres.



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Changing wheel diameter will have no affect on ride height, it is purely down to tyre size (well, technically changing wheel size will naturally change tyre size, but at the end of the day it is the outer radius of the tyre which needs to change and that can be done without changing wheel diameter)

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