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Fitting a thermo fan to a '02 Hilux


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Hi there, I need a bit of advice. I've got a diesel '02 Hilux which I've just had a turbo fitted to. It ran warm before the turbo and I'm mindful of it running warmer now with the turbo fitted. Also, being a Hilux, the aircon performance is less than optimal. So, with both of these things in mind I was wondering if fitting a 12v thermo fan in front of the radiator would be of any help.

I've considered getting a larger radiator, but I wanted to explore cheaper options first.

Does anyone have any experience on this subject? Any advice and experience will be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Mate,

A decent quality thermo will help a little especially at low speeds and at idle but when cruising down the highway there is already more than enough airflow going through to cool the radiator and condenser. I also have a turbo setup on mine and the engine runs at an acceptable temp (still running the factory radiator) and aircon works great with no additional help. 

I would be looking at the cheaper fixes first before splashing out on a thermo install. Check your thermostat, water pump and viscous hub are working properly, flush your radiator, make sure your using the correct coolant, remove anything that blocks airflow from the front like spotties etc. 

There is also a foam strip at the top and bottom of the radiator that keep the air flowing through the radiator instead of escaping out the gaps. Mine had deteriorated over time and when I replaced it I noticed my average temp dropped by 1-2mm on the gauge. 

Give some of those a try and see what happens. Better to fix the problem than bypass it. 

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Thanks for the reply and the advice James. I'll do all that on the next service which is a major one. It's been a while since the radiator was flushed so that seems like a good place to start.

Cheers mate.

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