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VSC , TRACTION and ABS lights are on


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Hi i was driving on a warm day and the aircon was on. And all of a sudden the VSC, car with the skids, and ABS lights came on. So i thought id turn the car off at the next lights and hopefully reset it.

I out it in car and turnes it om and off but then the car didnt get out park. The push lock button was stuck. So took of the panel and pressed the button using a screwdriver. And was on my way to central coast. The lights never turned off. On the way home, still required pushing lock button  and fault lights were still on. But just before i got home my signals stopped working.

I googled it and im still scratching my head.

Back story.

Its 2007 aurion with 120k on the dial. Not a single problem before this, 

I did fill with E10 from costco for the first time just beofere this occured. I usually fill it with regular unleaded at 7/11

I dont know what to do. Please help. Its the long weekend,  and i need my car urgently during this break period. Im hoping its  simple fix. Or just a loose wire

Please help me anyone



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There are multiple causes for the warning lights to come on. I would start with dealing with the known issues.

Suggest spraying some electrical contact cleaner onto the lock button. Check the fuses especially for the indicators. 

You mentioned filling up with E10 and then this happened. Perhaps coincidence but maybe not. Suggest putting some fuel injector cleaner in the tank. Next time the fuel tank is low put in some methylated spirits [200mls??] to absorb any water. This tip was mentioned by another member in a different thread. Go back to regular unleaded.

I would also check the battery and the engine oil level. How old is the battery and is it keeping its charge?

Also consider whether the car is due for an oil and filter cartridge change.

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Thanks for that. I jist replaced the battery a few months ago. 

But do you think its a electrical problem? And occasionally i tow a trailer, do you think bad wiring on the trailer plug may have shorted anything? Any advice is greatly appreciated 

Thanks again

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1 hour ago, Jo2007aurion said:

I jist replaced the battery a few months ago.

You would expect it to be fine but best to check anyway. Not really thinking that is an electrical problem but tracking down issues is usually a matter of elimination. Previously read a number of internet threads about various check light problems where the unexpected contributing factor has been a bad/low charge battery.

Not a great fan of E10 fuel.

If you have an OBDII scanner, then read for any stored error codes.

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