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Battery discharging in ACC key position

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I have left the key in ACC for two days and perfectly healthy battery went down to 9.5V. All accessories, radio, lights, lighter were off

What else could cause discharge? toyota yaris 2006


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Same discharge has happened to the girlfriend's Yaris. No real explanation for what happens except that the electrical circuits are now live.

Probably also does not help that the vehicle has a small sized battery.

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13 hours ago, polsan said:

so it must be a fault in design. I will just have to remember to remove keys


It's not a "design fault", cars are not meant to be left with the keys in the ignition for long periods of time.  There will always be circuits live at this point (such as dash backlighting, since modern cars have this on all the time now rather than just when you have the headlights on)

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