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Gday From Adelaide


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Gday to the Forums. 

I live in Adelaide and have been a Toyota guy since my early childhood. My mother had Coronas and Camrys when I was growing up. Dad had a couple of toyotas too. 
After a brief and tragic dalliance with a Ford, I went to Toyotas. 

  • 1982 KE70, sedan Powder Blue. 
  • 1984 AE82 Hatch, Metallic Blue
  • 2001 AE110 Corolla Seca Hatch, White
  • 2008 AE120 Corolla Seca Hatch, Grey (company car)
  • 2013 E150 Rukus, Black. 
  • And today I put a deposit on a 1981 KE55 Corolla coupe, blue, which is going to be a project. 

I look forward to meeting other enthusiasts who can help me and who I can help. 


KE55 Blue 01.jpg

Rukus 07.jpg

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