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You've got coil springs all-round, so the lowering process is simple-as - either buy new lowering springs (such as from Kings or Lovells) or coilovers (plenty of brands out there ranging from dirt-cheap to eye-watering, but you definitely get what you pay for and even the cheapest ones aren't the most cost-effective way).  Doing the job yourself is pretty simple too as long as  you have a decent mechanical knowledge, a good socket set, spring compressors and ideally a decent rattle gun/impact wrench (since no doubt some of the strut bolts will be tight-as).

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I'm only using it on the street, what would you recommend and what is the cheapest option? Also, what's the safest lowered height for one of these? Can I go any lower than 1.5 safely? I've only got 14's on if anyone's wondering. 

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If going down the springs route, Lows or Superlows from the main manufactuers I mentioned above (Kings, Lovells etc) will be perfectly fine for the street, Superlows you'll need to watch out for speed bumps and the like and it's advisable you replace shocks at the same time especially if you're still on the original ones.


Cheapest option is finding someone selling a second-hand set of springs on Gumtree for $50 or a carton of beer.  Anything new is going to cost you at least $300 for all for corners (just for springs, add in shocks and it'll go up to ~$700), and if you want to go for decent coilovers rather than eBay specials you're looking at at least a grand.

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Best to check Qld Transport website about minimum vehicle ground clearance. Unofficial guide would be the height of a Coke can.

Remember noticing a motorcycle cop pulling over a lowered Holden ute and getting a measuring guide from the saddles of his motorbike. Just goes to show that they do have the means to readily check lowered vehicles.

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Yeah they usually have a block on the end of a broomstick so they can sweep it across the whole bottom of the car. 100mm rings a bell but could be different state-to-state

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