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Hi All 


Newbie to this forum looking to buy a new 70 series Troopy in the next few weeks for a gradual build for an oz lapper.

I loved my old BJ40 which I wish I still had. Flirted with a Maveric for a few years which was fun.

Drove a few field vehicles in the cooper basin - always stock cruisers if you don't count the flag and IVMS.

Looking at no crap enhancements for the stock 70

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Hi Newbie, I myself are new to this forum. I joined as I recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Aurion Presara and I am having trouble with the head unit. I had reason to update the Sat Nav DVD. Removed the original DVD and tried to load the updated DVD and it would not load. Retried the original DVD and that would not load, kept spitting out. Thinking that it may have had something to do with the security system I foolishly disconnected the battery negative cable and now nothing on the head unit works, Just comes up with "NAV DVD not loaded"

Now I am in a complete bind as neither DVD will load. I determined that the reason the DVD's will not load is because the drive belt has broken and hence the Disc's are not spinning.

I noted from your past forum topics "KAA" that you have had experience with changing head units on Presaras. How do you do this??? All the videos that I have watched are all on Camry type cars and are noticeably different to the Presaras

I would much appreciate help on this KAA

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Hi Bob and welcome to the forum, I went to monster car audio and spoke with them to find one I liked that not only did all I wanted as far as Sat Nav but had all the bells and whistles as far as audio, phone, video for rev camera etc, they installed for me as it requires the right harness to have all the steering wheel buttons work, Plus the surround to fill the space that the old head unit leaves when removed.. I would not tackle this myself as I did not want anything to short out because of something i did..I would suggest if you are planning on doing this yourself to at least talk to a good audio shop and see what they can offer as far as advise..There are some excellent head units out there so a lot to look at and with Christmas and New Years sales very close some great deals as well

Let us know what happens mate and Good Luck hope it is sorted quickly for you


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Hi KAA, Thanks for your reply. On reading your previous posts (in 2017 year) I thought that you may have had a clue on removing the head unit in the Presara. I only want to remove the unit to fix the Sat Nav drive, which from my experience is just a rubber band affair, and put the unit back in, job done.

Does anyone have a clue on this procedure. All the videos that I have watched are on vehicles less complex than the Presara, eg: the trim around the centre console is segmented and removable where as the Presara's trim appears all one piece. I am hoping that removing the Presara units may be achieved from the top air vents with no screws having to be accessed from the bottom????

Anyone have a clue???

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