2018 Camry hybrid increased fuel consumption

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I have a very specific problem, and I cannot find anything on the internet to help fix my problem. So I have resorted to the forums to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

I've had my hybrid for over 12 months now and fuel economy has been excellent. Anywhere between 4L to 5.5L per hundred around town. Can't complain. I'm doing about 1000km to 1250km a week, so it's a big saving on fuel.

About 4 weeks ago, the car, over a period of a few days, started to use a lot more fuel unexpectedly. I mean, A LOT more fuel. My economy jumped between 7L to 14L per hundred. It has settled since then, but seems to jump up to around 10L and after an hour or two of driving, settles down to about 6L.

Basically, the engine is staying on for long periods of time without turning off. Won't turn off at lights. Won't turn off when coasting. When the engine does turn off at the lights, it turns on when there is even a thought of pressing the accelerator. Engine on a lot of the time. And this happens regardless of the battery charge. Whether it's half or full charge, engine still stays on.

I had my local Toyota dealer look it over, and he couldn't fault it. Knowing my luck, it seemed the car was behaving normally when he drove it. He claimed the battery levels were normal. The 12v battery was fine. Couldn't find a problem and returned a fuel consumption of 5.2L on his driving loop. After I told him the symptoms, he reckons it was dodgy fuel, which I don't agree with. Getting fuel from the same place for 12 months, then suddenly it's dodgy. Suggests that I go to a 'Reputable' source for my fuel. I felt that the dealer didn't want to deal with the problem, and fobbed me off. 

Since then, I have switched to 95 fuel, and it hasn't really made a difference. On the odd occasion, it goes back to normal, but rarely dips under 5L per. 

Anyone experienced with this issue? If it is fuel, why would that affect whether the engine stays on or not? And I thought that it would've been a problem long ago. 

Maybe i'm being a bit critical of a bit more fuel consumption, but when it's as high as it is, it's a cause for concern when it's capable of being so low.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My 2010 every couple of years goes from 7 to 12-13l/h, and runs a little rough on take off. When this happens I have to get my injectors cleaned.Once I do that its all sweet and back to normal.


Go figure. yours might be a little different.



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i had the same issue ,  so i decided to restart the computer  unplugged the 12 v for 1h then back to normal after a few km drive

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