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Tyre issues


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Well my opinion is yes, go back to the tyre dealer and is if they will do something for you as 4 months is not old and they are a good brand of tyre usually, I have had a set of the Primacy and got 100,000 klms out of them and still had tread on them so yes give the dealer a chance to do something for you.

I always put top quality brand tyres on my wheels as they are your only contact with the road and it is about safety with me

Keep us updated as to how you go mate


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I was thinking of going back to bridgestone that were on it originally but I want a comfort tyre over everything! 

Any suggestions? 

I'm not sure why these tyres are doing what they are doing and can it be corrected? 

Thanks for input 

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Hi K, well a tyre choice can go on forever..I found a good dealer and wanted a quiet,excellent wet weather grip and endurance tyre over anything else..Bridgestone are a good tyre and I have booted my Presara with them and yes lasting well and doing the job..It really is a personal choice as there are great deals out there and money is usually the decider..as to why they are doing what they do, well that really is weird..but perhaps talking to a dealer about the issue they may have an answer maybe it was a faulty construction process.

I do hope you find the answer and get it sorted as they are vital, safety above all other things I say

Keep Well  & have a Safe Christmas

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Hi again. 

They said there is minimal movement and it is acceptable as moat tyres have it,  just not sure about the Michelin's feeling very little detail. In the road surfaces,  chinese Achilles tyres felt smoother on my old car! Any suggestions?What  causes these Michelin's to behave like this? 

Cheers every body

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On 12/11/2019 at 9:53 PM, Kc222 said:

Hi they're Michelin Primacy 

Are you talking about the Primacy 4 ? What size are they ? I suspect you're talking about excessive sidewall movement? A very soft sidewall will do what you're describing. I put BS Ecopia EP300 on my old car & it totally destroyed the cars ride & handling - handled like a wet teabag.



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