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2017 Aurion GSV50R Sportivo Steering Knock

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Hey guys,

New to the forum. 


A few months back i picked up a 2017 Aurion Sportivo with around 95k on it.  Happy with what i paid.

It is ex QLD police, was stationed out near Kingaroy, QLD.  All the servicing was done by the Toyota dealer out there with the major 90k service done before i got the vehicle.


I drove multiple ex QLD Gov't fleet vehicles and this one by far drove the best out of them, i figured being country based it probably racked up more km's on highways compared to the city based cars.  Since owning i have had my mechanic change out the gearbox oil and i have dropped the engine oil twice to give it a good flush out.


Just recently however it has developed a very slight knock in the steering when turning left at slow speed (not when turning right), no audible noise but you can feel the feedback through the steering wheel.  It is very minor at this stage.


I have read there was issues with the intermediate steering shaft on some of the earlier Aurions.... has anybody with a GSV50R Aurion also experienced this issue? or should i also be looking at lower ball joints, sway bar bushes, sway bar links?  


Keen to hear other peoples experience as i'm not very familiar with the Aurion and their issues?








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No direct experience with your specific issue. Just thinking that it might be worthwhile to consider the outer cv joint on the left drive shaft as a potential possible cause.

I have a preference/ tendency not to accelerate hard until the wheels are straight ahead to minimise the pressure on the cv joints. Many years ago, I test drove a fwd vehicle doing a fast U turn. Front left drive shaft became quite noisy after that turn so we returned the vehicle back to the wholesale yard and disappeared quickly. Good learning experience not to do that to your own vehicles.

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I prefer to start small (usually cheapest) and work up to what may be the most expensive repair ...
I had the steering knock with my 2012 Kluger.  I did a lot of research and saw where many were replacing the intermediate shaft or regreasing it.
I then saw where some had replaced or removed and cleaned and replaced the two bolts on the shaft.  I replaced the 2 bolts on mine with new ones ($6 at Toyota) and so far after 20,000k it has worked.   May be the same bolt for the Aurion as the Kluger??
I hope yours is as simple and cheap to fix...



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I have the same problem with a recently purchased 2017 aurion atx, 45k's My local mechanic (who I've been using for 30+ years) said that this was not normal. So, down to the local Toyota dealer, the car was put up on a hoist and inspected. The problem was felt in the left hand steering arm. The service manager was taken for a drive and of course problem didn't happen. He said that he would look at other 2017 models and see if they had a similar problem. So far, no phone calls. Must not be too many 2017 aurions passing through their yard. Apart from the auto changing down too early and the cruise control wanting to accelerate above the setting after going up a hill I'm very happy with probably the last car I'll be buying.

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hummmm. Toyota production stopped in 2016. are you talking about 2017 first registered? Mine is a 2016, it was one of the last manufactured.

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Hi Tony C, after reading your reply, I did some checking on line and found out  the last Aurion came off the production line on 17/8/17 at the Altona plant, Melbourne. Also, the compliance sticker shows date of June 2017.

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It's such a shame they stopped the "Aurion" as a model. It has a nice ring about it.

Ah well, a Camry it has to be into the foreseeable future.. Not that I plan to get rid of my Aurion. I'll keep it as long as humanly possible I reckon.

What a great car !

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