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2008 VDJ79 engine de-rated


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G'day all, I am new to this forum and I would love some feedback from anyone who has had or is experiencing similar issues. This problem started with the a blown 10A fuse for the indicators. I replaced the fuse and started the engine....Engine light instantly came on so I checked my Ultra Gauge for the DTC's. It showed up as P0102 MAF sensor circuit low input. P0400 EGR flow. P0488 EGR Throttle position control range/performance. So with a bit of help sorted the 400 and 488 out. But I still have the 102 issue. Was lucky enough to have a mate who had access to a working ECM. So the AUX battery and battery box removed ECM plugged yielded no fix for the issue. So checked continuity to MAF plug and found the blue with white stripe wire did not have continuity. Made up a couple of bridging wires and connected directly to the + batt to the power (blue/white stripe) and another to the - batt terminal to the sensor ground wire. The engine would pull around 8 psi boost and I could see the MAF sensor flowing g/s. I am not an Auto Sparky by trade. So I plug the large female plug back Into the ECM and check DTC's again as now it will not exceed 1200 RPM. DTC's are as followed, 102 as to be expected, a 103, a 113, 340 and 1497. I was able to clear the 103 and 113, but still left with the P0102 MAF sensor circuit low input, P0340 Cylinder recognition sensor "A" circuit (bank 1 or single sensor) P01497 Intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high.....In regards to the IAT sensor I did lose the signal because the Ultra gauge was reading -40C. I have just checked again and it is reading 30C (Vehicle is in direct sun with ambient temp of 27C). So many gremlins.... where to start? Also my bridging wires will not work anymore so she is stuck for the moment....Oh I did forget to mention the vehicle has a little over 105,000km's and many of those have been on terribly corrugated dirt roads or all locked up low range work.

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