Help! 2008 Corolla Levin ZR doesn't have badge and other options

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Hi Guys,

I just bought a 2008 Corolla and have a few questions.

It was advertised as a Levin ZR and the carfacts showed that also.

VIN matched and everything but I've just noticed a few things.

It has the smaller wheels and tyres 195 /15inch. When the door tag says it should have 16's

It has a Ascent badge, not levin and I've noticed other levins do have the Levin badge. No side skirts, fog lamps etc

Most pages also say it should have other features like side airbags etc but it only has front.

The model on the tag is ZRE152R-AHPDKQ

Built M31 APR 08

Could anyone help with this?

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Did you not notice all these things that were wrong when you inspected the car to begin with?  Checking to see that a car is exactly what it is advertised as should be the _first_ thing you do, before you even contemplate putting money down on it...

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