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Hi Ace oil sump pan

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2005 Hiace (2005-2019 series)  2KDFTV 2.5 turbo diesel.

Rubber hose on pressure side of turbo had split (bracket broke, hose met the steering knuckle turning against it)  so I'm thinking that "stuff" got sucked in and sent to the intake manifold and the engine and the oil.

Regardless, the oil is black. Time for new oil and filter. But I'd like to take the sump off, clean it and the oil pickup before new oil and filter.

Does anyone know, can the sump be undone from underneath? Most cars I've worked on, no problem.

But looking under this one, there are around 4 bolts either side... I reckon ok access to them, but the front looks impossible (can't even see if there are bolts there..there'd have to be??)..and the rear doesn't look any better.

I'd appreciate anyone's knowledge, cheers

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