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White smoke on start up


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I have a 2008 TRD Hilux 4000s 4ltr petrol Supercharged. A few days a go it threw a yellow engine light I brought it to my local Toyota dealer and through some investigation my Cat converters were not storing oxygen and were damaged and needed to be replaced. $1059/cat not installed. Toyota had it for another day or so, to find out out why the cats had failed and through some testing of the fuel trims found the engine was running lean and that could have possibly caused the premature failure of the cat converters they replaced the fuel filter and found the fuel trims had returned to normal. The next day when they started it they rang to tell me it was blowing oil smoke and the engine may have blocked vents in the tappet covers or worn valve stem seals. Either way it was going to cost about $1600 to take the engine apart and check and replace. My issue is my vehicle was not blowing smoke before I gave it to Toyota and now it blows heaps?? Has anyone had this issue before? Or more information on how my car suddenly over night blows smoke on start up??

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My experience is with the 3.5litre V6 petrol engine 2GR-FE fitted to the Aurion. White smoke on start up is mainly due to sludge build up in oil drainage vents of the front valve cover resulting in the oil not draining quickly enough so oil vapor is sucked up via the PCV valve into the intake manifold.

Easy way to check is to temporarily disconnect the PCV valve from the valve cover for a few days.

If there is no more white smoke on start up after driving a day or so, then the valve cover and/or the PCV valve will most likely need to be cleaned or replaced.

If there is no change and still white smoke on start up, then starting to look like it could be worn valve stem seals. 


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