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2005 Corolla Wagon power windows

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I have added power windows to my wife's 2005 wagon (car didn't have any) and they work very well with one exception. The driver's door window doesn't do the one touch function (just click it up and goes all the way - I have to hold it up). Is this a problem with the electronic board under the master switches, or did I forget to get some other gizmo from the donor car, or did I make a mistake in installing it?

Just to clarify, all the motors, switches, etc came with their wiring harnesses came from the same donor, they all just plugged into my car, wire colours matched, etc, pretty much plug and play.

The master switchboard came with window lock and door lock functions as well, both work perfectly.

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Hey Neural,


Just wondering did you use original parts ? I want to add power windows to my 2005 wagon.

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Yes, all original parts sourced from wreckers. You will need motors (which come attached to the mechanism), switches, switch surrounds and door cards all from a power window equipped car. Not that many came with rear power windows. Beware, door cards from cars made in South Africa (mostly hatchbacks) do not match perfectly. They have little annoying differences like a clip hole in the wrong place. From memory (car is now gone) electricals (plugs/switches etc) didn't have any difference.

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Just wondering if the parts you bought were from a model of Corolla that doesn't support the one touch feature. Not sure which models do, but not all have this.

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Do you mean the driver's window goes all the way up with one click? Yes, it did. I don't think I've seen one that doesn't. Either way, I just bought whatever I found available without asking and it turned out it was one of those.

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