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Aurion 2006 Issues starting


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Hi all

I have a 2006 Toyota Aurion and have been driving it for about 2 years now. Of late (last 3 weeks or so) i find that it has issues starting. When i turn the key the dash lights clicker and you hear it crank over for a few seconds then it start. I thought it was battery so i charged it using my CTEK, it was ok for 24hrs then started doing it again. Mechanic checked it and said that the battery and Alternator are putting out the correct voltage and everything looks ok.

He made the comment that maybe something is draining the battery while not being used ( went from driving 2-3hrs a day to 30min every 2 due to work from home)

Is there anything that using power on this series while stationary e.g. imoblizer, or any other suggestion on what to check. My concern is one moring when i try to start it it wont.

Further info - Have made sure to power off radio and AC so when starting not extra voltage it used. No lights on (internal or external) and all doors are sealed.

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16 hours ago, Azragarn said:

i charged it using my CTEK, it was ok for 24hrs then started doing it again.

Something that I do is to turn off the lights and AC before turning off the engine. You have not mentioned how old is the battery. If the battery is more than 3 years old and you are having difficulty with starting, then I would seriously be [considering] replacing the battery.

In the meantime, I would use the CTEK to recharge/rejuvinate the battery. Do this after you have come home and monitor/time how quickly the CTEK progresses through the various stages. Repeat again after the car has been sitting overnight. I would expect the CTEK to complete its cycle within a matter of minutes.

As for something causing the battery to drain, that can be difficult to trace. I would check the vehicle at nightime to make sure that there are no interior lights on. Common cause in other vehicles is the boot light being on although the boot is closed. I did a quick check now by putting down the rear arm rest which then reveals a hatch which you can open with your keys.

Just remembered a past experience. I was preparing my vehicle for an interstate trip so had all the doors open for a number of hours. The car would then not start so swapped over batteries from a spare vehicle. 

On an ending note, Super Cheap Auto and AutoBarn will most likely have a battery sale in the next few weeks or by end of June. I have a 75D23LMF Century battery fitted in my vehicle.


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Thank you for the detailed reply. The battery is about 18 months old. Ill check the boot light issue.

Thinking of it this started a few weeks back and i did notice one of my driving lights has blown (did not think relevent as this happens lights on or off)

I may consider just changing out the battery, better safe than sorry

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@AurionX2 also made a very valid suggestion about the battery terminals. I regularly check the battery terminal connections whenever I have the hood open. Amazing how those gremlins seem to loosen a previously tight connection. Interesting that SuperCheap have a limited battery sale on at the moment but not the Century Ultra Hi-Performance ones. 

What battery did you end up buying and also interested to read the details of the replaced battery.

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