Bigger wheel on a 2011 Corolla

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Hi there,

Has anyone put factory Camry_Aurion 17" wheels on a 2011 Corolla. Any help or advise would be appreciated.


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When I am researching different wheel and tyre sizes, I look at Redbook for the model range and a tyre size calculator. You have probably got either195/65/15 or 205/55/16 tyres.

Wheel width is either 6.0 or 6.5.  In contrast to Camry/Aurion, 215/55/17 tyres on 17x7 inch wheels or 215/60/16 on 16x16.5 inch wheels.

The wider the tyre, the more likely for aquaplaning.

Personal experience in a Camry is that it is not exactly the best feeling to be aquaplaning at 80kph after hitting the brakes and with no control over the situation. Very fortunately, the vehicle in the right hand turning lane stopped the intended lane change back onto the highway. A collision would have written off my Camry. I am sure that the situation would have been very different had I still had the stock size wheel and tyres fitted.


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Thanks for the info on the tiresize calculator. After researching a little more  I can confirm  2010 Aurion ZR wheels fit perfectly albeit with different size tyres.

Stock wheels were 205/55/16 on 6.5 inch rims and the upgrade was 225/45/17 on 7inch rims and still have plenty of room under the guards. The ride is comparable with standard wheel/tyre combo with a little less body roll in the corners.

Overall I am extremely happy with the upgrade.


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