70 new Supras on the secondhand market ??

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I presently drive an absolutely brilliant Toyota Aurion Pressara and am intending to add a 2021 Supra GTS to my garage when the new 285 kw model is released  later this year.

Now a question to fellow Toyota enthusiast.  On my reading, and sitting in the car many times, the new Supra GTS is a brilliant car for the price and the new 285kw model will be an easy Porsche beater,  and for only $100,000+  Now, what I do not understand is why there are over 70 2019 Toyota Supra GTS's languishing on the secondhand market. 

Am I missing a failing in the new Supra or did present owners just buy from the initial allocations just to make a profit ??

So just to confirm my question is there a problem with the new Supra GT GTS that is causing so many Supras to be sitting on the secondhand market.

OK, so it is a BMW Z4, but with Toyota quality built in.

Thanks Guys

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The number for sale probably isn't that unusual (similar thing happened with the 86), but I'd say a lot of people would be holding off on buying one until the updated version comes out (either to see how much better it is, or for it to drive the value of used ones down further).

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Thanks. It just seemed so strange with over 70 coming onto the secondhand market within a few months. Boy are the owners of those secondhand cars going to take a large loss of cash.

If the new version can really do 0 to 100 in around 3.8 secs then its a really cheap super car.




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