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New enthusiastic Toyota owner

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Hi Guys and Girls,

Virginia and I presently live in Qld and own an absolutely brilliant Aurion Pressra, however since Virginia and I retired we have lived all over the world and Australia for the last 18 years. Of course this means driving all over Europe and cruising my Paris based hire car at 175 kilometres an hour on German Autobahns. I was not willing to go any faster as I did not know what speed the French tires were rated to.

We are now settled in an apartment in Broadbeach and are intending to add a Supra GR GTS 2021 to our garage when the new 285kw version is available later this year. However, where we end up in 12 months time is anyone's guess. Crazily I am intending to do the grey Nomads thing with a Supra and not a caravan. No, luckily, we are not grey bit still nomads.




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Welcome to the forum Greg and Virginia, As a retired nomad myself and married to a travel agent we also saw the world in our younger days..

Enjoy the forum as so many like minded folks on here

Keep Well KAA

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