First car what to do to it?

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Got my first car its a 94 corolla csi limited bare stock gets me places but its not as nice looking as it could and should be. i was wondering what upgrades would be worth and COULD be done to the ae94 without going full engine swap crazy. Im a big noob to the whole car scene so i wouldn't even know where to look or what to look for quality wise. I want an upgrade to the performance(if its even possible with the 4afe) and maybe some body kits

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Focus on handling and braking. Look into a good set of pads and discs as a first upgrade along with change if it's needed. Than look into some new rims and tyres, something wider is usually better but don't go too big in rim size as it could end up making it handle worse or even slower to accelerate due to the larger rolling diameter. While look for rims, make sure you find the size you'd like so you can look into what tyres are available to fit seeing as tyres will play a major roll in improving the handling.

Also look into suspension upgrades whether it's coilovers or a shock and spring combo and also look into sway bars and bracing to add further rigidity. That would be a good base to start from as the older 4AFE and 7AFE engines are no power house by any means but getting them setup to handle and brake well will reward driver skill rather than straight line speed. Performance wise I'd look into a cat back exhaust system (2.25" piping at the most I'd say) and possible some sort of intake modification where it's a drop in panel filter or a cold air intake.

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